The AIN is home to some of the biggest sporting and cultural events of the Simcity community, including:


But most of all the AIN is a place for people to play with each other. We’ve got some of the most diverse and high quality city journals around, from American powers to Middle Eastern oil states, from African enclaves to Asian technology giants, we’ve got it all.

It’s not just about city building though– it’s about country creating. Through diplomacy, roleplay, trade, competition and investment, you can create the country that you want to lead.

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Learn about the Alliance

The AIN is a community of more than 27 members who work closely together to build a union that they want to see – a community, a brotherhood, an Alliance of Independent Nations.

We are a union of people who create fictitious countries and use city builders like SimCity, Simcity 4 and CitiesXL to share these creations.


We have a very simple application process, and only two levels of membership. The differences between the two stages of membership are explained here.

To apply, just click the link in the header and start a new thread once you've registered on our forums. Following our Template Application is the best way to get approved. Once you pass our seven-point checklist, and receive 7 votes out of 12 in voting, then you’ll become an official AIN Member! If you have any queries, our members are always on hand to help you out.